Fundo Paginas Restaurante e Bar
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Restaurant and cafeteria



Enjoy our daily lunch specials at affordable prices.


Full meal menu – 7€
(soup + main course + wine or water + bread + dessert)


Two-course meal menu – 5€
(soup + main course)


Student menu – 3,50€
(soup + half course or assorted sandwiches + 0,20l water bottle)


Vegetarian menu – 6€

Vegetable pie


Other courses – 6€

Traditional game meat sausage with egg

Grilled swordfish

Grilled tuna steak

Traditional cottage goat stew



Admire the nightscape and enjoy our cosy rooms in the evenings.



Make a reservation for your group dinners and enjoy what our several multipurpose areas have to offer.


Home delivery

The restaurant and cafeteria offer a delivery service during lunchtime. Contact us and order now!


Take away

Take away a full meal ready to serve. Choose from a variety of soups, main courses and desserts. Please make your reservation the day before.







Couraça de Lisboa, nº30
3000-434 Coimbra


239 822 483

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